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At What Creatinine Level does It Can be Reversed with Systematic Treatment

2014-09-03 03:37

At What Creatinine Level does It Can be Reversed with Systematic TreatmentI am a kidney disease patient with creatinine level of 2.7, is it can be reversed by proper treatment ? This is a question from our “online doctor” part. The answer is yes, then at what creatinine level does it can be reversed with systematic treatment ? Let us have a look together.

According to the recently research, as long as your creatinine level is not higher than 8.0, you still have a chance to lower it,but the precondition is that your GFR is not lower than 30%. If your GFR are lower than 30%, it is hard to be reversed.

As for the systematic treatment, it is the key point to reverse your disease. Without proper treatment, the disease may goes worse, then you may loss the chance to get recovery from it. It is known that, in traditional medicine, there are no good therapies for kidney disease. So doctors always recommend Chinese Medicine to help people suffer less pain, for its remarkable effect in curing this disease, it is loved by more and more people.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as the representative of it, it is used widely in lower the high creatinine level and curing this disease. During the treatment, we will combined with other therapies, including Western Medicine, to achieve a better effect. If you want to know more informations about that, you can leave messages, we will reply you as soon as possible for free.

From the above we know that before your creatinine level up to 8.0, you still have a chance to reduce it with the systematic treatment. If you need any help in lowering the high creatinine level, you can email us. Our email”

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