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Creatinine 1.29 is It Serious in Chronic Kidney Disease

2014-09-04 07:55

Creatinine 1.29 is It Serious in Chronic Kidney Disease  As we all know the normal creatinine level is different from male(0.5-1.5) and female(0.7-1.2), so if your creatinine level is higher than it, you should make further diagnosis in time so as to avoid big disease. Compared to the normal level, creatinine 1.29 is not very high, even this you can not sure whether your kidneys are damaged or not. You need to do some tests to make more accurate diagnosis. If you want to know more details directly, you can chat with our online doctor.

First you need to make sure whether you have ate much foods with high protein in a short time, or got an infection or cold or fever recently, all of them may increase your creatinine level in a while. If you have experience the above things, you need to take the test one weeks later to make further diagnosis.

After eliminate non-disease factor, you need to watch your daily changes, if there are many bubbles in your urine and they are hard to disappear that means protein leakage, which is one of the symptoms of kidney disease, you need to pay attention to it. If there are swellings in your body such as eyelid,foot and face, you also should monitor it closely. If there are also some other symptoms like night urine output increase, you need to see your doctors right now.

If there are no other symptoms and the test read your GFR or the kidney function is normal, then you need not worry too much, the creatinine level will lowered itself with the non-disease factors disappeared. Even it is induced by pathological factors, with the creatinine level of 1.29, you still have a chance to get recovery. If you need any help in lowering high creatinine level or curing Chronic Kidney Disease, you can leave messages or email us. Our email:

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