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Can Kidney Stones Affect the Creatinine Level in Blood

2014-09-05 09:48

Can Kidney Stones Affect the Creatinine Level in BloodThere are many factors can increase creatinine level, kidney stones is one of them. Without good control, kidney stone may induce obstruction of kidney, hydronephrosis or kidney tissue damage or necrosis by press, thus affect kidney function gradually. With the kidney function declined, the serum creatinine level will increase. So you if you have got kidney stones so pay attention to it.

If you are a patient with kidney stones, you need to drink more water(if there are no swelling in your body) that can help to discharge the little stones. But you should to see the doctors in time, do not let it make further damage to your kidney. If your creatinine level have increased by this disease, do not panic, with the disease cured, it will decreases too. And your kidney function will be improved with the help of treatment. After the kidney stones removed, you also should pay attention to it to avoid relapse and hurt the kidney again.

From the above we know that kidney stones can affect the creatinine levels in blood, but as we mentioned above, not all the high creatinine level are induced by it. So if your creatinine level increases to a high level, you need to take some tests to make further diagnosis, that can help you to find the disease earlier and avoid big disease.

Without good control, little disease may become big disease, even threaten your life. So pay attention to the details of your daily life. If you need any help in curing kidney disease or lowering the high creatinine level, you can consult our online doctor or email us, we will try our best to help you for free. Our email:

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