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How to Correct Kidney Disease When Creatinine Level is 1.7

2014-09-06 03:49

How to Correct Kidney Disease When Creatinine Level is 1.7High creatinine level is one of the common symptoms of kidney disease, people are managing to lower it. Today i will share you some information about how to correct kidney disorder when creatinine level is 1.7, hoping it can help you.

Creatinine 1.7 is higher than the normal level, but it is not very high, so patient with this situation still have a chance to get recovery. According to the clinical stages of Chronic Kidney Disease, creatinine 1.7 should be in stage 2 of the disease(some people may with worse GFR, so you should not make diagnosis just according to creatinine level). In this phase, the kidney is not damaged serious and the kidney function still can maintain the daily work, so if you can get systematic treatment, the kidney disorder can be corrected.

Chinese Herb Medicine is an essential part of Traditional Chinese Culture, it is used widely in curing many disease. With the times going, it combined with Western Medicine and high technology formed our unique therapies, among them Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the representative ones, which can help to lower the high creatinine level naturally. Due to it’s little side effects and remarkable curative effect, it is loved by more and more people, even some people abroad come to China to seek help.

Besides a systematic treatment, you also should make a healthy diet plan which can help to double the curative effect. With a proper cure method and a fit diet, creatinine 1.7 can be lowered gradually. If you want to more information about how to correct kidney disease, you can contact us by email or online doctor. Our email:

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