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Can Creatinine 5.7 Be Lowered by Diet Only

2014-09-08 07:31

Can Creatinine 5.7 Be Lowered by Diet Only  It is known that diet plays an important role in controlling kidney disease, it can help to lower the high creatinine level. Then after the creatinine up to 5.7 can it be lowered by diet ? If you have other questions, you can consult our online doctor now, if no, let us continue our today’s topic.

As we mentioned above, diet do can help to lower the creatinine level, but only diet can not able be lower cretinine 5.7. That is because after the creatinine level up to 5.7 that means the disease has fall into stage 4, without good control it may goes to the End Stage Kidney Disease, which is known as Uremia. In this phase, patient need to take systematic treatment, otherwise, the disease will loss control and may threat the life, but a fit diet is also necessary .

A systematic treatment means, after diagnosis the doctor make a series cure plan according to the patient’s physical condition. It supposed to include Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine, because neither of them can not cure the disease well, only combined them together it will get a perfect curative effect. It is known that Western Medicine can ease the symptoms of the disease in a short time but it can not cure the disease, so the disease is easy to relapse. However, Chinese Medicine can treat the disease from its root and can help to relieve the side effects induced by Western Medicine, but it need a long time to work. After years of research, doctors in our hospital invented Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is formed by them, it really can help to lower creatinine 5.7 naturally.

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