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My Creatinine Level is 2.0 How Can I Get Back to the Normal Range

2014-09-27 10:16

My Creatinine Level is 2.0 How Can I Get Back to the Normal RangeCreatinine level as one of the important indicator of kidney disease is connect closely with the disease. According to the value of it, Chronic Kidney Disease can be divided into five stage. Creatinine 2.0 is in the boundary of stage 2 and 3. Is it possible to reverse it ? How can it get back to the normal range ?

According to the latest research, creatinine level 2.0 can be reversed, but only if you can find it earlier and get the treatment in time, meanwhile, you also should keep a fit diet.

If you want find your disease earlier, you need to pay attention to your daily life. Once there are something wrong, you need to make adjustment timely so as to avoid your disease goes worse.

As for the fit diet, it is as important as treatment for kidney disease patient. That is known to all, a good diet can increase the curative effect but a bad diet may make your disease worse. So do make a diet plan with the help of your doctor or nutritionist, it will help for the treatment of your disease.

The last one but not the least one is cure method, even if you have a good diet plan but without the proper treatment,your disease also can not be cured. As we all know Chinese Herb Medicine as a new way to cure kidney disease can lower the high creatinine level naturally. But doctors also need to make treatment plan according to the patient’s condition, not all the therapies are suitable for all the disease.

In one word, creatinine 2.0 can be lowered, even can get back to the normal range with timely and proper treatment. If you need any help in lower the high creatinine level or want to know more details about the treatment method, you can email us. Our email:

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