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When Some Buddy have Creatinine Greater than 5.0 What are the Risk Involve

2014-11-06 18:15

When Some Buddy have Creatinine Greater than 5.0 What are the Risk InvolveCreatinine level is one of the indicator of kidney function, also it is not sensitive as GFR. From the number of creatinine, we can know which stage the disease is in and the condition of the kidney function. Then when some buddy have creatinine greater than 5 what are the risk involve ?

Uremia may be involved

In clinic, according to the creatinine level, Chronic Kidney Disease can be divided into five stages. Creatinine level 5.0 mean the disease now are in stage 4 and there are left 30%, even less kidney function. So that demand us to take actions right now to prevent or delay the progression of this disease, if left untreated, this disease may goes worse. So in this stage the risks involved in should be Uremia, that is also known as End Stage Renal Failure.

What should people do with this situation ?

For people with this situation, they should take systematic treatment timely so as to prevent it fall into Uremia. Usually, doctor may recommend dialysis, which can help the kidney to discharge the wastes and toxins, so the symptoms like high creatinine level can be relieved in a short while, but it can not improve the kidney function, so people have to take it until they get transplant.

Kidney transplant seem like a good choice to solve all the kidney problems. But it is not suitable for all the people, what’s more, it will cost a large amount of money.

So as a patient with Kidney Failure, you can choose another therapy beyond those two, which is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, it can help to reduce the high creatinine level by improving the kidney function. If you want to know more informations about it, you can contact our online doctor directly, we will reply you s soon as possible for free.

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