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What does Creatinine Level 2.4 Means and How Serious It Is

2014-12-01 16:37

What does Creatinine Level 2.4 Means and How Serious It Is“I have creatinine level of 2.4 and i am wondering what that means and how serious it is. ” Actually, in clinic, creatinine level 2.4 means you are now in stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease, your kidney have been damaged moderately. You need to take actions to stop the progression of this disease, if left untreated, this disease will fall into kidney failure.

Stage 3 is a vital stage, if people can take systematic treatment in time, they may get a chance to reverse it. Otherwise, the disease may go out of control and they may have to take dialysis or kidney transplant.

Chinese Medicine has been proved to have remarkable effect in treating kidney disease, it can reverse the disease by improving kidney function. Here we mentioned id not a single therapy, it is a series of therapies, during the treatment, doctors will arrange different ones according to the patient’s disease condition.

The well-known therapies are the Top Seven Treatments, cooperated with each other, they can achieve a better curative effect. They are known as Hot Compress Therapy, Full Bath Therapy, Moxibustion Therapy, Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy, Foot Bath Therapy,Cycle Therapy, Enema Therapy, all of them are based on traditional Chinese Herb Medicine but different with it. They have the same advantages with it but have no the side-effects of it. That is means, they can cure kidney disease with little side-effect. If you want to know more details about them, please click here.

From the above we know that creatinine level 2.4 means the disease now is in stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease, with the help of proper treatment, it may be reversed. If you have other questions or need any help in treating kidney disease, you are welcome to contact our online doctor or leave messages to us, we will try our best to help you.

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