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Is It OK to Use Pumpkin Seed Oil for People with High Creatinine

2013-11-12 09:14

Is It OK to Use Pumpkin Seed Oil for People with High CreatinineThe increase of creatinine level in blood can reflect either unhealthy lifestyle or kidney problem. Pumpkin seed oil is the oil used in Native Americans to treat kidney problem. Is this oil good for people with high creatine?

Diet for people with elevated creatinine level

Creatinine is one waste product formed during muscle metabolism. Normally, kidneys discharge it from the body via urine. However, when kidneys are impaired, extra creatinine will build up in the blood to cause increase of creatinine level. In this case, a healthy diet needs several attentions:

- Limit the intake of meat

- Develop low-protein diet

- Control the intake of high-potassium and high-phosphorus foods

- Avoid high-sodium foods

Pumpkin seed oil for people with high creatinine level

Pumpkin seed oil is one natural oil that has many health benefits. Firs of all, it can cause an increase in urine output, because of its’ diuretic effects. For this reason, this type of oil can prompt the kidneys to eliminate more creatinine from the body in every minute.

Also, pumpkin seed oil has properties of antioxidant that can help protect kidneys from further damage to some extent. We think this is the reason that Native Americans prefer to use pumpkin seed oil for fighting against kidney disease.

However, the above content doesn’t mean all people with high creatinine level can consume this oil, since it also contains rich phosphorus. When kidneys are damaged severely, they can’t filter phosphorus effectively so that extra phosphorus will build up in the body.

In conclusion, if you are tested out high phosphorus level, you had better avoid pumpkin seed oil. If not, you still need to pay more attention to the amount of pumpkin seed oil every day.

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