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Types of Tea That Will Help Control Creatinine Levels

2013-11-17 09:10

Types of Tea That Will Help Control Creatinine LevelsIf your high creatinine level is associated with kidney disorder, some types of tea may be helpful to control creatinine levels. Some of them can help lower elevated creatinine level directly, while some other types of tea manage creatinine level by dealing with underlying causes.

Tea and high creatinine level

For people with kidney disease, we prefer to recommend herbal tea which has few side effect on kidneys and can also help treat kidney disease. If you want to choose one type of safe and useful tea, you can describe your illness condition to us by leaving a message in below form. For most people with high creatinine level, today we have several suggestions.

1. Herbal teas to reduce creatinine level directly

In our daily life, all of herbal teas are made from natural herbs, including, plants, flowers, stems, root, etc. Some of them have a property of diuretic, so they can stimulate the kidney to produce more urine, so as to filter out more creatinine. However, if patients’ creatinine level is too high or they are tested out high potassium level, they should drink these herbal teas carefully.

Teas can increase kidney output: dandelion root, nettle leaf, salvia, corn silk and so on.

2. Herbal teas to control underlying causes

Some other teas have benefits of reducing potential kidney damage and improving kidney function. For example, some herbal teas can help lower high blood glucoses or control hypertension, while some others can prevent kidney damage caused by immune disorders.

Herbal teas have these benefits including: tetley green tea, black tea, lemon tea, and some others.

If you are interested about the above herbal teas or any other, you had better consult the doctor to determine whether you can drink them firstly.

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