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Foods to Minimize High Urea and Creatinine

2013-11-18 13:52

Foods to Minimize High Urea and CreatinineThe amounts of urea and creatinine in the blood are two remarkable indicators for kidney function. High urea and creatinine level means excess urea and creatinine deposits in the blood, while some foods are helpful. What foods are able to minimize high urea and creatinine?

Urea is the terminal product of protein metabolism, while creatinine is generated from creatine during muscle metabolism. Both of them are discharged out of the blood via kidney filters. For this reason, the following foods may be helpful to lower high urea and creatinine level.

Basic requirements

For people with kidney disease, the general principle of their diet is to reduce the burden on kidneys and meanwhile supply enough nutrition for the body. Thereby, kidney dietitians give out several suggestions, including:

- Low-protein diet and intake of high-quality protein

- Avoid creatine supplement

- Restrict the amount of sodium intake

- Eat relatively more fruits and vegetables

Specific foods

In our daily life, some foods can help kidneys to filter out more waste products including urea and creatinine. Today, we will introduce some of them. If you want to get a food list in detail, you can send email to

- Berries: Cranberry, blueberry, strawberry and some other fruits have antioxidant property that is able to protect kidneys and increase kidney output to some extent.

- Nettle leaf: It can be consumed by herbal tea. For kidney disease patients, this herb has an effect of diuretic, so it can increase kidney filtration rate to remove more waste products.

- Cinnamon: As a common spice, cinnamon has a benefit of reducing the creatinine and urea level.

Even though the above foods can help minimize high urea and creatinine, not all patients can enjoy them without limitation. To consume them safely, you had better consult doctors firstly.

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