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How to Treat People with High Creatinine Level in Blood

2013-11-22 15:23

How to Treat People with High Creatinine Level in BloodHow to treat people with high creatinine in blood? When creatinine level becomes higher than the normal range 0.5-1.3mg/dL, we should be alert as it might indicate serious kidney damages. Therefore, at that moment, we need to have further tests to see if serum creatinine level increases due to kidney disease. If yes, we are usually treated in the following way:

1. Control all the symptoms with oral medications

Symptoms like high blood pressure, proteinuria and anemia, though appear due to decreased kidney function, accelerates illness directly. For this reason, we need to bring them under control, so that we can treat kidney problem and lower high creatinine level into normal range effectively. Many medications like ACE inhibitors and ARBs can be used to help us achieve the goal of controlling symptoms and what medications are prescribed needs to base on patients’ specific illness condition.

2. Protect residual kidney tissues

Creatinine level in blood increases with the decrease of kidney function. Viewed from this aspect, protecting residual kidney tissues from being damaged is very important. Kidney is responsible for excreting excessive creatinien in blood, so only when healthy kidney function is protected effectively, can creatinine level be stopped from becoming much higher.

3. Repair injured kidney intrinsic cells

In a healthy kidney, there are tens and thousands of kidney intrinsic cells like glomerular epithelial cell and glomerular mesangial cell and so on. These kidney intrinsic cells play different role while kidneys function. When they are damaged and fail to function properly for some reasons, kidney function decreases. Therefore, repairing injured kidney intrinsic cells to strengthen kidney function is also an essential part. Generally speaking, when injured kidney intrinsic cells are repaired, kidney function increases. Under such a condition, excess creatinine in blood will be discharged successfully. Therefore, repairing injured kidney cells is very important for kidney disease patients to effectively lower their creatinine level.

4. Arrange a well-planed diet

A well-planed diet is necessary and beneficial for kidney disease patients. They need to make different diet changes and this is usually based on their specific diet. Though diet for kidney disease patients differs from case to case, they usually need to limit salt intake, potassium intake and phosphorus intake and so on.(If you want to know more details about diet for people with high creatinine level, please leave message to or consult our online consultant directly)

5. Healthy life style

Develop healthy living habits and avoid bad habits like drinking excess alcohol, smoking, staying up all the night and so on.

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