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Is There Any Alternate to Dialysis and Transplant for creatinine 4.1

2017-11-07 09:48

alternate to dialysis and transplant, dialysis and transplant, natural treatments,Creatinine 4.1,Creatinine 4.1 is a manifestation of the stage 3 kidney disease in which the various detrimental substances are aggregated in the body. Ultimately, dialysis and transplant will be required. But, the patients still wonder is there any alternate to dialysis and transplant for creatinine 4.1 as a result of the defects of dialysis and transplant.

Why creatinine level reached 4.1mg/dl?

Medically, creatinine is initial considered as an evaluating indicator of the kidney function, since the human metabolite is mainly excreted from body through kidneys and can not be influenced by so many conditions. Thereby, when the kidney is damaged more than 70%, the creatinine level will go up to 4.1 or higher.

How dialysis and transplant do to lower creatinine 4.1?

Transplant is to recover the body waste system through an operation in which the matching and healthy kidneys from the donor will be placed into the patient with end stage renal stage to replace the damage kidney function. And dialysis is only used to filter the blood through a medical machine. Nowadays, due to various reasons, more and more patients want to accept an alternative treatment to get well.

What treatments can replace dialysis and transplant for patients with creatinine 4.1?

Have you ever heard about Chinese medicines? It is a good choice to help clear away poisons and repair kidney damage with less side effects with the help of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Toxin-Removing Therapy, Cycle Therapy, Medicated Bath, Steaming Therapy, Immunotherapy or other natural treatments. Besides, the combined ones can do better to improve kidney function step by step.

When the kidney is restored, the creatinine 4.1 will be lowered, the discomforts will faded away and the patients can return to a normal life. And then, dialysis and transplant can be avoided successfully.

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