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Creatinine 7.4 Without Problem in Urination or Swelling Is It Dangerous

2017-12-22 17:17

Creatinine 7.4 Without Problem in Urination or Swelling Is It DangerousIt is amazing that the patients with a high creatinine 7.4 have no symptoms, however this is a normal phenomenon in clinical. And then, is it dangerous for someone suffering from creatinine 7.5 without problem in urination or swelling?

What does creatinine 7.4 means for people?

You know, the elevated serum creatinine level reflects decrease of kidney function. So that, creatinine 7.4 stands for the serious damaged kidneys. In this scene, some discomforts occur as well as lots of unwanted substances are deposited in the body. If the patients do not take any managements to control their physical conditions, they finally will do dialysis or transplant to prolong life.

Why do problem in urination or swelling appear in the body?

As all we know, the kidney is the only organ in our body to produce urine, and when it can not work well, the patients will have somethings wrong with urine. With respect to swelling, it appears as a result of the deposited water in the cell spaces due to the residual water which should be completely removed by our kidneys, low plasma osmotic pressure much protein leakage, and other events. We can see that, these are both common symptoms of kidney damage.

Which treatment should the patients received to lower the creatinine 7.4?

Here I suggest the patients to take a comprehensive treatment to not only reduce creatinine 7.4, but also recover kidney function. Such as: Toxin-Removing Therapy, a joint of a sequence of natural treatments, manifests a great impact on cleaning up internal environment as well as controlling the discomforts. Furthermore, it is able to enhance the effects of other treatments like Acupuncture, Immunotherapy, Cycle Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy or other Chinese medicines.

When the kidney is rebuilt, the creatinine 7.4 will be diminished and not rise easily, the patients can live a high quality life without dialysis or transplant.

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