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What is the Best Treatment to Lower the Count 400+ of Serum Creatinine

2017-12-25 15:47

What is the Best Treatment to Lower the Count 400+ of Serum CreatinineWhen the serum creatinine is more than 400, the kidneys are damaged badly, but the patients are still in the reversible stage in which they can return to the normal life. And all the patients wonder what is the best treatment to lower the count 400+ of serum creatinine.

I can understand that the patients want to be cured in the situation of kidney disease with creatinine 400. Unluckily, there is no way to completely cure the damaged kidneys up to know, however, the patients can maintain the creatinine level in a low value or normal range with the help of some active treatments. As respect to the best treatments, which one can treat the patients with great effects and few adverse reactions is the best option for the patients.

In spite of this, I can not tell you what one is best for the patients due to the different illness condition of disparate patients.

For an example, Chinese medicine includes Acupuncture, Cycle Therapy, Moxibustion Therapy, Steaming Therapy, Toxin-Removing Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and so on. Each of these treatments can take a excellent action of renewing kidney function, and the combined treatments which are picked up on the basis of the patients’ physical circumstances can do better. Nevertheless, I can not definitely say the formation of the medicines without the actual situation.

With the help of a comprehensive treatment, the poisonous accumulations can be cleansed away, the kidney damage can be stopped,  the diseased but not necrotic renal intrinsic cells and tissues will be repaired, creatinine 400+ will be reduced, and the patients can live a high quality life away from dialysis or transplant.

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