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How Can Chinese Medicine Treat Hematuria and Creatinine 370 for PKD

2018-02-17 14:16

Nowadays, the PKD patients can be treated with dialysis, steroids, transplant and Chinese medicine. The following content is objective to illustrate how Chinese medicine can treat hematuria and creatinine 370 for PKD.

Jeff is a polycystic kidney disease (PKD) patient. When he was 39 years old, he found out his creatinine is 370umol / L, and blood pressure 90 / 150mmHg accompanied with serious hematuria. Three years pasted, he can not endure the anemia, hematuria, lack of appetite, bad sleep and other discomforts any more. Moreover, the local doctor recommended kidney transplant for his pejorative illness, but he does not want to wait for the new kidney and has no willing to go through the surgery. Thereby, he searched for other measures in website and finally decided to come to Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for a further treatment.

At the time he arrived at the hospital, the doctor checked his physician with the help of advanced technology and also traditional Chinese medicines, and thus gave him the suitable treatments including Immunotherapy, Medicated Bath, Micro-Chinese Medicine Therapy, Toxin-Removing Therapy and so on to accelerate the blood circulation, control the renal cysts, clean up the internal environment, and enhance the kidney function with effects.

Only in there for seven days , his creatinine level lowered to 320umol / L, HB reduced to 140 / 90mmHg, hematuria is dissolved, appetite is added, sleep is ameliorated and the face is rosy.

After he turned back to home, he still insists the reasonable dietary habit as well as Chinese medicine according to the instructions. So, his condition continues to get better and one day, he told us that “my creatinine level is 260umol / L and blood pressure is normal, I can’t wait for sharing the good news with you.”

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