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What is Fundamental Solution When Creatinine is 576 in CKD

2018-02-18 11:18

What is Fundamental Solution When Creatinine is 576 in CKDDialysis is the most common way to help the CKD patients with high creatinine level to maintain the vital signs in clinic. But, as more and more patients realize that they need to go on dialysis life long, they wonder what is the fundamental solution when creatinine is 576 in CKD.

Is creatinine 576 serious for CKD patients?

CKD, a short name of chronic kidney disease, occurs in many patients due to the terrible environments and bad living styles. At the early stage of CKD, the patients will have edema, foamy urine or microhematuria. As time goes by, the creatinine level will go up provided the kidneys are injured more than 50%. What is worse, the creatinine 576 means a kidney failure stage in which the patients have lost the best stage to get recovered. Additionally, the patients with creatinine 576 will have risk for life result from fearful complications. This is also the reason why dialysis is done.

What is fundamental solution to solve the creatinine 576?

Generally speaking, the fundamental solution for this issue is to stop the kidney damage and to repair the diseased kidneys as well. In China, special herbs and medications will be adopted in the light of the patients’ precise physical situations. For an example, Toxin-Removing Therapy including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath, Moxibustion and other Chinese remedies can take a remarkable function of perfecting blood circulation, recuperating detoxification power of kidneys and improving certain renal function without any obvious side reactions. As long as the kidneys are renovated, the creatinine 576 will be reduced naturally, and the patients can live a better live away from dialysis or transplantation.

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