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Chinese Medicines to Lower Creatinine Level

2013-12-12 10:08

Chinese Medicines to Lower Creatinine LevelWhen western medicines lose its ability to help us solve problems fundamentally, many of us will turn our hope to Chinese medicine. Ketosteril is the most commonly used western medicine for high creatinine level; however, as its treatment effects are temporary, many patients who want to lower creatinine level begin to look into Chinese medicine. Here we will introduce several herbs that can help to get elevated creatinine level lowered down effectively.


Once a study done in six cases of severely diminished kidney function shows that nettles are helpful in lowering creatinine level. For this reason, kidney disease patients can drink some nettle teas to control their illness condition, but nettles are not recommended if they are on blood-thinning or high blood pressure medications.


Chamomile is another herb that can help to lower creatinine level in blood and this result is gotten from a study published in the “Journal of Agriculture Food Chemicals”. In this study, decreased levels of creatinine appeared in those who are drinking chamomile tea, compared with these who just control their illness with oral medications. Also, consult doctors in advance if patients plan to take larger amounts.


Cinnamon is especially helpful for people with high creatinine level caused by Diabetic Nephropathy. It can be used to treat lower high creatinine level in medicine owing to its ability of enhancing the filtration process and strengthening weak kidneys.

Dandelion root

Dandelion root is often used as a diuretic in medicine. We know creatinine produced in our body is normally discharged with urine by the kidney. When kidney fails to work well, creatinine in the blood can not be removed, as a result of which, serum creatinine level increases. With dandelion root, much more urine will be produced and during this process, some creatinine are removed out of the body.


Salvia also shows effects in lowering creatinine level in blood, but it is usually used by patients who are on dialysis.

The above herbs are the most commonly used Chinese medicine for high creatinine level in blood. Chinese medicine has existed in the world for more than 5000 thousands years. Aside from herbs, it also includes animal medicine and mineral substances. In recent years, these medicines have been successfully used to treat various refractory illnesses and some of them indeed show obvious treatment effects. Therefore, when we fail to find a solution in western medicine, we can try Chinese medicines and maybe we will receive satisfactory treatment effects.

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