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Is There Any Hope for Creatinine 7.8 Patients to be cured

2013-12-12 17:16

Is There Any Hope for Creatinine 7.8 Patients to be curedIs there any hope for creatinine 7.8 patients to be cured? Creatinine level often regards as a sign of the kidney damage and when the creatinine is higher than normal range of 0.5-1.3 mg/dl, it means less than 50% kidney function. Therefore, creatinine 7.8 indicates the kidney function is reduced severely and patients are already in stage 4 kidney failure.

I am sorry to say it’s difficult for creatinine 7.8 patients to be cured. As the kidney disease is often the damage of kidney tissues and kidney cells, the dead kidney tissues and kidney tissues cannot be activated any more. However, there are also great chances for creatinine 7.8 patients to reduce their creatinine level and improve their kidney function, which will make their kidney disease getting better.

There are two common treatments for creatinine 7.8 patients to get better.

1. Dialysis

Dialysis is a common treatment for kidney disease patients when their creatinine level is more than 5 mg/dl. Dialysis has an obvious effect on lowering the high creatinine level, however, no one wants to experience dialysis treatment, because once they start dialysis, they have to depend on it in their remainder life. For creatinine 7.8 patients, whether they should start dialysis depends on their specific condition. If they still have some certain urination and they don’t have any serious symptoms and complications, they need not to have dialysis.

However, if they have some certain symptoms or complications, such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, skin itch and less urine or no urine, in this condition, they may need to have their dialysis. But dialysis cannot treat the kidney disease and prevent the reduced kidney function. So, we hope all the kidney patients can avoid dialysis.

2.Chinese medicine

There are also some other patients to use Chinese medicine to remedy their kidney disease with high creatinine level. Some Chinese herbal medicines have the function of lowering the high creatinine level, and some also have the function of extending blood vessels, promoting blood circulations, removing blood stasis, degradation and providing nutrition for the kidney damage. Through these functions, the kidney damage can be repaired and the kidney function will be improved obviously. So, creatinine 7.8 patients are recommended to use Chinese medicines to remedy their kidney disease, which will lower their creatinine level fundamentally, and improve their kidney function. All these will make miracle for the cure of kidney disease.

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