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What does Low Creatinine Level Mean

2013-12-15 16:26

What does Low Creatinine Level MeanWhat does low creatinine level mean? Creatinine level is the metabolite of muscle activity, and it is often excreted by kidney function. When the kidneys are get damaged, patients often have the symptom of high creatinine level. However, for some people, they may also get low creatinine level. There are some common cause of low creatinine level.

1. Reduced muscle mass

As we know, creatinine is the metabolite of muscle activity. So when some people have reduced muscle mass, their creatinine level will be lower than the normal level. Besides, for some patients who have muscular dystrophy or myasthenia gravis, they may also get low creatinine level. In addition, the people who have disabilities with limited movements, their creatinine level will be lower than others’.

2. Daily diet

The high in protein foods are always high in creatinine. If people limit their protein intake for a long-term, they may get low creatinine level because less creatinine phosphate can be broken down. In this condition, people need to take high quality protein so as to improve the creatinine level. Because low creatinine level is also harmful.

3. Age

As the age increases, the muscle mass of people will be reduced, so senior people may have a lower creatinine level. In addition, the normal creatinine level of young children is lower than that of adults.

4. Liver problem

Liver affects the creatinine production. When people get liver problems such as hepatitis and fatty liver disease, people may have the lower creatinine level.

5. Pregnancy

Many mother-to-be may get low creatinine level when they are in the second trimester. However, after the baby birth, their creatinine level will increase or back to normal level.

There is also another condition for kidney disease patients. When the creatinine level is lower in the urine test, it indicates people may have kidney problem. As the creatinine is mostly excreted by kidney function, and the damaged kidney function cannot excrete the creatinine out, which will cause the high creatinine level in blood and low creatinine level in urine.

No matter high creatinine level or low creatinine level, people should pay attention to it. As the creatinine level is often a sigh of kidney damage. Early prevention and treatment will help the kidney disease patients slow down their progression of kidney damage.

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