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How to Lower High Creatinine Level at 4

2013-12-18 14:18

How to Lower High Creatinine Level at 4How to lower high creatinine level 4? As we know, creatinine is often looked as a sign of the kidney damage. When people get high creatinine level, they may often have some kidney problems. For 4.0 creatinine level, which is much higher than the normal level 0.5-1.0 for women and 0.7-1.2 for men. High creatinine level 4.0 means less then 50% kidney function. In this condition, patients need to have effective treatment to lower high creatinine level, which can protect the residual kidney function and get rid of dialysis.

There are some effective treatments which can help patients lower the high creatinine level at 4.

1. Diet therapy for high creatinine 4

As we know, one of the main sources of creatinine is the meat products that we eat. So for high creatinine level 4 patients, they should limit their meat in take. And it is better for them to keep a vegetarian diet, which can cut down the creatinine source. They need to take more vegetables and fruits which can help lower their creatinine level.

Patients with high creatinine level 4 should also keep a low protein diet, which can help them reduce the metabolites of nitrogenous and other toxins. The reduction of these wastes can help reduce the kidney burden and slow down the progression of kidney failure.

Besides, patients should also limit the salt intake, and the intake of potassium and phosphorus. When patients have the symptoms of high blood pressure or swelling, they should also limit the fluid intake.

All these diet therapy will help lower the high creatinine level and reduce the further damage of kidney function.

2. Physical exercises

Patients with high creatinine level 4 should cut down the other source of creatinine, which is the metabolite of muscle activity. So patients should avoid strenuous activities and over-tired work. This will help reduce the creatinine level.

For some athletes and body builders, they need to limit the intake of creatine, which can also produce creatinine in blood. They should reduce the dosage or stop using it.

3. Medical treatment

In western country, for high creatinine 4 patients, their doctors only give them some medicines which can lower their creatinine level and some serious symptoms and complications. But this medical treatment cannot remedy their kidney damage, which may worsen the kidney failure. When the patients get higher creatinine level, they will need to start dialysis or wait for a kidney transplant. Once they start dialysis, they will live on it all their lives.

Though dialysis can lower high creatinine level, but it cannot solve the basic cause of high creatinine level and after dialysis, the creatinine will come back again.

In this condition, some Chinese medicine may be helpful for high creatinine level 4 patients. Some Chinese herbal medicines have the function of lowering high creatinine level. They can also repair the impaired kidney tissues and improve the kidney function. After this treatment, people will really lower their high creatinine level 4.

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