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What Skin Problems Can be Caused by High Creatinine

2013-12-29 16:11

What Skin Problems Can be Caused by High CreatinineWhat skin problems can be caused by high creatinine? as we know, high creatinine level can indicate the damaged kidney function. Once the creatinine level is high than the normal level, it means the kidney function is less than 50%.

The high creatinine level will cause many symptoms of kidney disease patients, such as weakness, nausea, vomiting , loss of appetite and skin problems, all these symptoms will affect the patients’ life quality. Recently, we receive a question, what skin problems can be caused by high creatinine level? In this passage, we will answer this question.

Why high creatinine level will cause skin problem?

Creatinine is the metabolites of muscle activity and the byproduct of the meat that we eat, which is removed out by kidneys. When the kidneys are damaged, the excess creatinine will build up in blood, which will cause high blood problem. Creatinine is not a toxic at all, but high creatinine level will be related to other high level toxins and wastes, which will cause skin problems.

What skin problems can be caused by high creatinine?

Skin problem is a common symptom among kidney failure patients, which will make patients feel bad and discomfortable. High creatinine level can cause skin problems which contain:

- skin itching

Skin itching for kidney disease patients is mainly caused by high phosphorus level in blood. Phosphorus is an important mineral for people, and the normal kidneys can keep a right level for people. Once the kidneys are damaged, phosphorus in blood will increases, which will cause skin itching.

- dry skin

Dry skin for kidney patients who have high creatinine level may have two common causes, one is the the limited fluid intake. Kidney disease patients often have swelling, they need to limit their fluid intake, which will cause dry skin. The second is the irregular of endocrine system which is caused by kidney damage. The oil gland cannot produce enough oil, which will also cause dry skin.

- uremic frost on skin

Patients may have uremic frost on skin along with skin itching, which is caused by high accumulation of urea in body. The accumulation of urea can be discharged out of body through sweating gland which will cause uremic frost on skin.

Above are the common skin problems that can be caused by high creatinine level, and the skin problems will make the patients sick. Therefore, patients should firmly control their high creatinine level. If you want to get some useful information to lower the high creatinine level, you can ask the experts online.

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