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A Dietary Plan for Kidney Patients to Lower High Blood Urea Nitrogen

2014-01-01 06:56

A Dietary Plan for Kidney Patients to Lower High Blood Urea NitrogenHow to make a dietary plan for kidney patients to lower high blood urea nitrogen? Blood urea nitrogen is a metabolite of protein which is small molecules, and it is mainly leaking out into urine by kidneys. Once the kidneys are damaged severely, blood urea nitrogen will build up in blood, which will cause high blood urea nitrogen. So similar with high creatinine level, high blood urea nitrogen is another index of kidney function, they can both indicate whether the kidneys do a good job.

As we know, kidney patients should all keep a strict kidney-friendly diet, which can reduce the kidney burden and slow down the progression of kidney failure. So for patients with high blood urea nitrogen level should also make a dietary plan, which can help lower their high blood urea nitrogen.

- Limit the protein intake

As the blood urea nitrogen is the product of protein, so patients should limit the protein intake to reduce the produce of protein. Besides, patients should take high quality protein which can satisfy the nutritional requirement and produce less urea nitrogen in blood.

- Avoid the foods which contain purine

The high purine foods intake will increase the amount of the blood urea nitrogen, so kidney patients should avoid the high purine foods, which will cause high blood urea nitrogen. The high purine foods contain animal giblets, seafoods, meat, hyacinth, peanut and spinach.

- Lower animal fat intake

Fat in body can inhibit the discharge of uric acid which will increase the blood urea nitrogen, so kidney patients should limit the fat intake, especially the animal fat.

- Take more fresh vegetables, fruits and grains

All these foods contain high carbohydrate which can improve the discharge of uric acid, and the blood urea nitrogen will be also excreted out with uric acid. Kidney patients should also choose the right vegetables and fruits depending on their illness condition.

- Drink correct amount of water

If kidney patients still have normal urination, they need not to control their water intake, because more water intake can increase the urination, and help excrete more blood urea nitrogen out. But depending on the illness, kidney patients should drink correct amount of water.

All these dietary plan will help kidney patients to lower their high blood urea nitrogen, which will be also helpful for protecting the kidney function. If you still have any question, you can ask the experts online.

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