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Foods Should Be Avoided for High Creatinine Level Patients

2014-01-23 04:09

Foods Should Be Avoided for High Creatinine Level PatientsWhat foods should be avoided for high creatinine level patients? This is a common question which may be confused all the high creatinine level patients. As high creatinine level is often a sign for less than 50% kidney function for kidney disease patients, so they need to have some effective treatment to lower their high creatinine level, and they also should pay attention to some foods which should be avoided for their high creatinine levels.

1. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and carbonated drinks

These beverage are harmful for kidney disease patients, which will cause further damage to kidneys. If the kidney function reduced more severely, the creatinine level will be higher. They are recommended to take water, fresh fruits or herbal teas to replace the caffeine, alcohol and carbonated drinks. They also can take dandelion tea, salvia tea or ginseng tea, which can help increase the urine output and help discharge the creatinine into urine.

2. Avoid sugary foods

For kidney disease patients especially diabetic nephropathy patients, they need to limit the sugary foods, which may lead to further kidney damage and increase the creatinine level.

3. Avoid salty foods

Kidney disease patients are often recommended to keep a low salt diet, which can help relieve swelling and control high blood pressure. If they take too much salt, it will increase the progression of kidney failure, and the creatinine level will be higher.

4. Avoid processed and junk foods, reduce the intake of sodium

Because processed and junk foods are always high in sodium, if patients take too much of them, it will cause severe swelling and make further damage to kidneys. So patients should firmly avoid them.

In addition, high creatinine level patients should also reduce the intake of these foods: red meats, white bread, white flour, dairy products, because these foods will increase the produce of creatinine in blood, which will cause high creatinine level.

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