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Can Corn Silk Lower Creatinine Level

2014-02-02 07:55

Can Corn Silk Lower Creatinine LevelCorn is a common food for people, and it is popular by people with its delicious tastes. Besides, it is also good for people'e health, but few people know that corn silk is also beneficial for people. Corn silk is often regarded as a traditioal Chinese herb which can help kidney disease patients lower their high creatinine level.

As we know, for kidney disease patients, especially patients who have less than 50% kidney function, they often suffer from high creatinine levels. Creatinine is a break-down product of creatine, which is mainly excreted by kidneys. When the kidneys are damaged severely, the creatinine will build up in blood, which will cause high creatinine level.

Corn silk is often regarded as a natural diuretic, which can help people increase urine output. In this condition, creatinine can be excreted through urine, so the creatinine level will be decreased.

Besides lowering the creatinine level, corn silk also has some other benefits for kidneys.

As corn silk can be regarded as a natural diuretic, so except lowering high creatinine level, it can also remove some other toxins and excess fluid from body. In this aspect, it can also help remit swelling and lower high blood pressure, which are the two common symptoms for kidney disease patients. Once the swelling and high blood pressure are controlled well, people will not get further damage to their kidneys. In addition, corn silk can also help lower high blood sugar, prevent inflammation of urinary system and prevent kidney stones. Therefore, kidney disease patientsm can take cron silk in their daily life to help control their bad symptoms. Usually, they can drink corn silk tea to do this. Then how to make corn silk tea? In fact, corn silk tea is easily made, people just need to bring a handle of corn silk into boiling water, then they can take corn silk tea. And they can also put some fresh ginger or cinnamon, which will be more benefitial for kidney disease patients.

Though corn silk tea is good for kidney disease patients, but there are still some side effects that patients need you to pay attention to. here are some common side effects for kidney disease patients who take corn silk tea in a improper way, for example, it can cause the decrease of potassium level and cause unstable blood pressure, skin rash and skin itching. Besides, corn silk tea may also interacts with some other medicines patients' are taking, so all the kidney disease patients should ask the advices of their doctors before they decide to take some heral teas. Although herbal tea is natural, but it isn't always as safe as you think.

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