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What Causes The Up and Down of Creatinine Level

2014-02-04 00:47

What Causes The Up and Down of Creatinine LevelWhat can cause the up and down of creatinine level? Creatinine is the waste product of creatine in blood, which is often to help reflect how well the kidneys are functioning through a blood test. If the kidneys are function well, the creatinine level will be in a normal range. And if the creatinine level becomes abnormal, people may suffer from some healthy problems.

What can cause the up and down of creatinine level?

As we know, creatinine is the metabolites of muscle activity, so the creatinine level will become abnormal due to the age, weight, less of exercises and do more exercises. In these conditions, the creatinine level can be changed in a normal range, so people don’t need to worry about that. However, there are also some other conditions that people may suffer the up and down creatinine levels.

1. Unhealthy lifestyle

For people who have unhealthy lifestyle such as dehydration, overwork, strenuous exercises and floated hypernsion, they may easily get high creatinine level. In these cases caused high creatinine level, if they changed their lifestyle, the creatinine level can be get normal.

2. Some medications

As kidney disease can easily cause high creatinine level, which means the kidneys have been damaged severely. In this condition, people can take some medications such as ketosteril, which can help lower high creatinin level. So people can have up and down creatinine level through the intake of these helpful medicines.

3. Dialysis

Dialysis is a common treatment for kidney disease patients who have high creatinine level up to 5mg/dl. Through the dialysis, the wastes and toxins can be excreted out from blood, and the creatinine level will be lower. However, after dialysis, the creatinine will also be get higher.

From above, we can get the three common conditions which can cause up and down of creatinine level. For kidney disease patients, their high creatinine level is mainly caused by kidney damage, so patients need to remedy their kidney disease in order to lower high creatinin level fundamentally. If you want to get the detailed treatment, you can contact with our experts online, they can help you as soon as possible.

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