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Is it Dangerous with Only One Kidney and Creatinine 2.4

2014-02-06 01:48

Is it Dangerous with Only One Kidney and Creatinine 2.4Patient: On January 29th, I had my left kidney removed due to cancer, and my right kidney has creatinine level of 2.4 mg/dl. I am very scared, and I want to know if this condition is dangerous, and can you give me some suggestions on my illness condition?

Doctor: I get you question from my assistant, and I hope that I can help you on your illness condition. You said you only have one kidney and your creatinine level is 2.4 mg/dl, do you know the main function of our kidneys? We all have two kidneys and the main kidney function is to filtering wastes and toxins in blood and excreting the excess fluid from body. Once the kidneys fail to work normally, the bad or harmful substances will build up in blood and make further damage to your kidneys.

Creatinine is the waste product of muscle activity and it is mainly excreted by kidneys. So it is often regarded as a sign of kidney damage, and your creatinine 2.4 means you have less than 50% kidney function only. Therefore, as you only have one kidney and the kidney function is less than 50% kidney function, you are in a very serious and dangerous condition. You need to have effective treatments to protect your residual kidney function and repair your damaged kidney tissues.

If you have some serious symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, skin itching or serious swelling, or you have less urine output, you need to have dialysis, which can help you remove the wastes and toxins in blood. Besides, if you don’t have these serious symptoms or you still have urine, you can try Chinese therapies, which include Chinese herbal medicines, medicated bath and foot bath. Through systemic Chinese treatments, your damaged kidney tissues can be repaired and your kidney function can be improve. If you want to get the specific treatment on your condition, you can send your recent test reports to We can make a systemic treatment project for you as soon as possible.

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