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What Food to Take for Treatment of Excess Urea in Blood

2014-02-07 06:21

What Food to Take for Treatment of Excess Urea in BloodWhat food to take for treatment of excess urea in blood? Urea in blood comes from te protein metabolism and it is mainly excreted by kidneys. So the blood urea is also an auxiliary examination method to measure kidney functions. However, there are various factors that can cause excess urea in blood, such as high-protein intake, gastrointestinal bleeding, traumas, infections, fever, malnutrition, steroid drugs or kidneys.

Because there are various factors that can cause the elevated blood urea, so people with excess urea in blood should first find the main cause, and then have effective treatments to lower the high urea in blood.

Here are some common recommended foods to take for treatment of excess urea in blood.

- Low-protein diets

Because urea is the protein metabolism, so people with excess urea should keep a low-protein diet, which can reduce the produce of urea in blood. People are suggested to take some high quality protein, such as milk, egg whites, meat and fish, which can produce less ures in blood and supply enough nutrition for people.

- Take more fluid

If people don’t have serious swelling in body, they can take more fluid in their daily life, which can help them increase the urine output and help filter more urea in blood. In this process, the blood urea can be lowered. People can take more juices of vegetables and fruits, which can help people supply enough vitamins and improve the immunity.

In addition, if the excess blood urea is caused by kidney disease, patients should have effective treatments on their kidney disease. They should also follow some other diet principles to reduce the kidney burden and protect the residual kidney function, which can also help lower high blood urea.

- Keep a low salt diet

People with high blood urea and kidney disease should also keep a low salt diet, which can help control the swelling and high blood pressure and slow down the progression of kidney failure.

- Take more vegetables and fruits and grains

All these are high in carbohydrate which can help people with high blood urea and kidney disease to improve the discharge of urea, so the excess blood urea can be removed from body. But people need to choose the right vegetables and fruits depending on their illness condition.

Above are the suggested foods to take for the treatment of excess urea in blood, which can help people lower their high blood urea, and reduce the further damage to the overall health of people. If you want to get the specific foods lists to lower high urea, you can contact with our experts online.

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