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How Can Foot Bath Help Lower High Creatinine Level

2014-02-08 09:28

How Can Foot Bath Help Lower High Creatinine LevelFoot bath is a traditional Chinese treatment which uses the Chinese herbal medicines, and it can remedy various diseases and has no side effects, so more and more people want to use foot bath to improve their health. Nowadays, some kidney disease patients use foot bath to help lower their high creatinine levels, then how can foot bath help lower high creatinine level?

High creatinine level is always a dangerous sign for kidney disease patients, which means their kidneys have been damaged severely and they only have less than 50% kidney function. If they don’t have effective treatment to help lower their high creatinine level, they may get further damage to their kidneys. Therefore, kidney disease patients need to control their creatinine level and protect the residual kidney function.

Foot bath is an effective treatment to lower high creatinine level for kidney disease patients, and it is often used to remedy various kinds of kidney disease. Through putting some Chinese herbal medicines into the water before foot bath, and patients will get specific treatment during the foot bath, because the different kinds of herbal medicines have different functions to patients.

As we know, high creatinine level is caused by the severe damaged kidney function, so patients need to repair their damaged kidney tissues. Foot bath has the function of improving the kidney function which can help lower the high creatinine level.

Besides, there are also some other benefits for kidney disease patients to have foot bath treatment, which include:

- Improve blood circulation

- Promote the metabolism

- Eliminate tiredness

- Improve the sleep quality

As foot bath has so many benefit for kidney disease patients, and it can help lower the high creatinine level for patients. Therefore, kidney disease patients with high creatinine level can have foot bath therapy to improve their illness condition.

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