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Diet Lists for Kidney Disease Patients with Creatinine 4.8

2014-02-11 05:39

Diet Lists for Kidney Disease Patients with Creatinine 4.8“My mother was diagnosed with kidney disease three months ago, and her creatinine level is 4.8. The doctor told me it is higher than the normal, and my mother need to prepare for dialysis. I want to know the diet lists for my mother to lower her creatinine level and help her prevent dialysis.” This is an email we received from a person from Bangladesh in our mail box,, and he is eager to receive any help from us.

In the e-mail, there is also a recent test report, from the report we will make a specific diet lists for this patient. The test reports are as follows:

1. Creatinine: 4.8 (normal level 0.5-1.1mg/dl)

2. Calcium: 8.0 (normal level 2.25-2.75)

3. Inorganic: 3.9

4. Haemoglobin: 9.29 (normal level 12-15)

5. Epithelial Cells: 5-6/HPF higher

6. Pus Cells: 1-2/PHF (normal level 0-1)

After receiving this reports, our experts help this patient make a diet lists for him, we hope this will be helpful for this patient. And we hope she will get prompt and effective treatment, which can help her improve her illness as soon as possible.

1. Keep a vegetarian diet

Since the creatinine level is higher than the normal level, we recommend her to keep a vegetarian diet, which can help reduce the production of creatinine in blood. So patients need to avoid the meat intake in their daily diet.

2. Limit the calcium intake

Her calcium level is so high in blood, so she need to limit the high calcium foods in their daily life. Since high calcium level will cause bone problems and thyroid problems, which will make patient sicker.

3. Supply iron intake

For this patient, her haemoglobin level is low, which will cause renal anemia, so she need to supply enough iron intake, which can help increase the haemoglobin level. Besides, low haemoglobin level can also cause weakness and fatigue for people.

Depending on the illness condition of this patient, we can give her these diet lists, besides, she should also follow the general diet principles, such as low-protein, low-salt, low fluid diet and so on. All these will be helpful to protect the residual kidney function and help lower high creatinine level.

In addition, only keeping a kidney-friendly diet is not improve her illness, she should also have treatments to remedy her kidney damage and improve the kidney function. When the kidneys are improved, the creatinine level can be lowered effectively.

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