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What are Medications for High Creatinine Patients

2014-02-25 02:06

What are Medications for High Creatinine PatientsWhen comes to high creatinine,many patients become nervous.Creatinine is an essential indicator to reflect kidney functions.There is no doubt that kidney problems occur sooner or later.Let’s learn some causes and symptoms about high Creatinine.And then let’s learn some treatments for high creatinine.If you are eager to get more specific guidance,Click our online doctors.

The causes for High Creatinine

High Creatinine level can be caused by the following reasons.They are dehydration,inadequate water intake,over-tiredness,intake of drugs that have renal toxicity,High blood pressure and Kidney Disease.

The Symptoms of High creatinine

Reduced urine output

Darkened color of urine

Swelling around the eyes,in the face,feet,etc

Back pain or waist pain


Have difficulty in breathing

The diets of High creatinine

High Creatinine patients have better take food with low-salt,low-protein and high-vitamin.

Medications for High Creatinine

Ketosteril.In order to treat high creatinine,Ketosteril is an important to lower creatinine level,relieve the symptoms of high creatinine and protect the renal kidney functions.

Treatment for High Creatinine

There are many other treatments for high creatinine patients.Dialysis or Kidney Transplant are all helpful to treat high creatinine.However many patients give up these traditional western medicines.What’s the advantage of Chinese Medicines?

Hot Compress Therapy

Hot Compress Therapy receives lots of fame from overseas patients.Hot Compress Therapy applies Chinese Medicines externally successfully.The activated Chinese medicines enter into kidney directly with the help of osmosis machines thus restoring renal damages and recovering renal functions.Meanwhile it helps to regulate blood systems thus removing stasis including creatinine in the blood.Kidney functions can be improved increasingly and gradually thus filtering creatinine eventually.

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