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Foods to Eat with Diabetic Nephropathy and High Blood Pressure

2014-09-10 09:05

Foods to Eat with Diabetic Nephropathy and High Blood Pressure  Once people got kidney disease, doctors always emphasized the importance of diet to them, so we can see how important the diet plays in the treatment of this kind of disease. Today i will share you some informations about the foods to eat with Diabetic Nephropathy and high blood pressure, hoping it can help you in some degree. If you have other questions, you also can chat with our online doctor directly.

Experts pointed out that diet is as important as the treatment in curing Diabetic Nephropathy, so we should pay special attention to it. As we all know this disease is a secondary disease caused by Diabetes, so if you want to control this disease, you need to control the inducement of the original diseases first, that is limit the sugar intake. After that, you should control protein intake which may add work load to the kidney, thus aggravate the kidney damage. But in order to supply enough nutritions to the body, doctors recommend patients to choose some foods with high-quality protein, such as fresh-water fish, egg white, lean meat,milk and so on.

We also should not ignore high blood pressure, this factor may make the disease more complex. Without good control of it, the further treatment can not be going on. Among the vegetables, celery is a quite good foods to lower high blood pressure, so you can add it to your diet list.

Actually, besides a systematic treatment, a diet plan is also needed for the treatment of Diabetic Nephropathy, so you’d better make one under the help of your nutritionist. If you need any help in making it, you can leave messages or email us. Our email: kidney-treatment@hotmail.com

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