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Some Kinds of Food Is Beneficial To Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

2018-08-19 10:13

When you have diabetes you must take care of your daily life ,for this can affect your health seriously except the anti-diabetic medicines.Diabetic patient should control their diet. In order to help them here are items for everyone to pay attention to .

1. According to the reference amount of fasting blood glucose, carbohydrate can be appropriately increased, but the heat energy from carbohydrate should not be higher then 70 % .

2. If anemia symptoms occur, foods rich in iron and vitamin C should be provided in the diet. If anemia is serious, drugs or even blood transfusion should be added.

3. Some people think that the ability of red blood cells to release oxygen decreases when Diabetes is not well controlled. They advocate using a high phosphorus diet, but they should strictly control diabetes. If there is a decline in kidneyfunction, a high phosphorus diet is not good for patients.

4. When there is edema or hypertension, a diet with little salt, no salt, or little sodium should be used to prevent the development of edema and the increase of blood pressure.

5. When patients with diabetic nephropathy have kidneyinsufficiency, and if kidney transplantation or dialysis therapy is conducted, their dietary treatment principles can refer to the relevant contents such as acute and chronic kidneyfailure and dialysis treatment methods.

6. If hypoalbuminemia is caused by intermittent or persistent albuminuria and there is no obvious azotemia, the protein supply is calculated by dividing the protein supply by 1 g / kg body weight per day. It is necessary to increase the quality of protein excreted from urine. At this time, the kidneyfunction of patients has mostly decreased, so the amount of protein taken should not be too high.

7. When most nephrotic patients are accompanied by hypertension and hyperlipidemia, the fat should be reduced appropriately and unsaturated fatty acids should be used more, and cholesteryl should be limited to less than 300 mg.

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