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The Common Condition Of Fatigue For Diabetic Kidney Patients

2018-08-22 10:34

As to most diabetic nephropathy patients ,they often have many discomforts during their illness. In these discomforts the fatigue is the most common symptom to them,the fatigue will appear as following: (alias for symptoms) laziness and fatigue; and the disease should be checked in Department of internal medicine,and the fatigue will appear in whole body.

[ symptom summary ]

Fatigue refers to the clinical symptoms of mental drowsiness and limb laxity.

Fatigue is a very common clinical symptom. Almost all kinds of acute and chronic diseases can lead to different degrees of fatigue. The scope of discussion in this article is limited to those who have fatigue as their main symptom.

[ symptoms ]

Summer heat hurts qi and fatigue; Listlessness and weakness of limbs, listlessness, lack of breath and laziness, body heat and sweat, vexation and thirst, eat little food and loose stool, foul and muddy surface and moss, and weak pulse.

Fatigue due to spleen deficiency and dampness; Listless and lazy, dry mouth and tongue, loose stool, bitter cold, stuffy chest and stomach, reduced food, less urine, thick and greasy tongue coating, and undetectable pulse.

Fatigue due to deficiency of both qi and blood: Tired and heavy limbs, lack of breath, low voice, dizziness, insomnia, spontaneous perspiration, palpitation, numbness of limbs, white face, pale color of lip, tongue, claw and nail, and deep, thin and weak pulse.

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