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What Is The Signs Of Diabetic Nephropathy

2018-08-12 11:09

At present more and more people have high blood sugar and can not improve this situation for the abundant food and less exercise every day.About 50 % of Diabetes patients with a history of 10 to 20 years can develop diabetic nephropathy regardless of age. Many diabetic nephropathy patients do not understand that diabetes mellitus can be complicated with kidney disease, and do not carry out regular renal function tests. It was not found until the condition deteriorated to renal insufficiency or even uremia.

Because the onset of diabetic nephropathy is hidden and the early renal function of the patient is normal, there is usually no typical clinical manifestation, thus it is easy to be overlooked.

Lumbago is one of the most common symptoms of nephrotic patients. But Lumbago is often ignored by most of persons .They usually think the lumbago is caused by the hard work,after a night of rest this condition can be improved naturally,but the fact is not what they think.According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine theory ,when your kidney has something wrong you often feel waist soreness and back pain.Traditional Chinese medicine says that ” the waist is the house of the kidney”. Not only does the kidney attach to the waist, but also the bladder that is exterior and interior the kidney attaches to the waist. The balance of kidney qi and the loss of kidney essence are reflected in the function of the waist. The lumbago of diabetic nephropathy patients can be unilateral or bilateral, and often persist. Mostly sour pain or dull pain.

.. When discussing lumbago, doctors in past dynasties all believed that ” if there is no external evil, then only kidney deficiency will prevail”, ” kidney qi deficiency will cause waist pain.” Therefore, it is likely that the symptoms of low back pain in diabetes patients are that diabetes mellitus damages yin and consumes qi, damages yang, qi and yin are deficiency, chronic diseases enter collaterals, phlegm, pathogenic heat, blood stasis, and qi depression are mutually consolidated. The formation of ” mini – symptoms” can cause damage to the kidney and loss of kidney function.

If you have symptoms of low back pain, please do not neglect it, because low back pain is likely to be one of the symptoms of diabetic Nephritis and we need to go to a regular hospital for examination in time. Don’t miss the best opportunity for treatment,and choose the natural treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine,that can help you improve the kidney condition effectively.

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