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Diabetic Kidney Disease with Creatinine 4.3 should I Take Dialysis

2015-03-19 11:24

Diabetic Kidney Disease,Creatinine 4.3,DialysisShould patient with Diabetic Kidney Disease with creatinine 4.3 take dialysis ? Usually, doctors will recommend patients to take dialysis when their creatinine level up to 8.0 or the disease fall into End Stage Renal Disease. But if the patient’s complications is bad than other people, they may need to take it earlier.

Dialysis is a process for removing waste and excess water from the blood, and is used primarily as an artificial replacement for lost kidney function in people with renal failure. It is the most common way to relieve the symptoms caused by Kidney Failure, often in demand when people got Uremia or the creatinine level up to 8.0.

In clinic, creatinine level 4.3 means the disease now is in stage 3 kidney disease, there is no need to take dialysis. But as we mentioned above, if the patient’s condition is serious than others, he/she may need to take it in advance. So as a patient with Diabetic Kidney Disease with creatinine 4.3 if you want to know whether you need to take it or not, you can consult your doctor or our online doctor, both of them can give you fit advice according to your disease condition.

But no matter how, as a Diabetic Nephropathy patient, you should control your blood pressure and blood sugar level well, they are really important in treating this disease. Except that, you also should communicate with your doctor timely, that is helpful for them to make adjustment according to your disease condition.

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