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Creatinine 2.6 in Diabetic Nephropathy How to Treat It

2015-09-25 16:13

Creatinine 2.6 in Diabetic Nephropathy How to Treat ItI am a Diabetic Nephropathy patient since two years, my creatinine was stable for two years 2.3 and now suddenly it increased to 2.6. Can you tell me what does that means ? And how to treat it ?

In fact, for those questions mentioned above are the common questions for kidney disease(no matter what kind of kidney disease)patient. Here i will give you a simply explanation and i hope it can help you in some degree.

Creatinine level increases from 2.3 to 2.6 rapidly means what for kidney disease patient ?

In clinic, creatinine level increases rapidly should be associated with the kidney damage, usually, there are some inducers exist in the kidneys and make further damage to the kidneys, thus induce the creatinine level increases rapidly.

So for kidney disease patient the increased creatinine level means the kidneys have been got further damage in this period. If they want to keep their disease stable or reverse it, they need to take some corresponding measures to prevent the kidneys from further damage.

How to treat Diabetic Nephropathy with high creatinine level ?

As we mentioned above, for kidney disease patient as long as they can protect their kidneys from further damage they will got their disease under control.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as one of the most famous treatment for kidney disease, it can help Diabetic Nephropathy patient control their creatinine level and other symptoms by improving the kidney function.

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Do remember that you are not alone when it comes to find the ways to fight against the Diabetic Nephropathy. As long as keep fighting, you will get a chance to live better without dialysis or renal transplant.

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