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How to Treat Diabetic Nephropathy with 25% Renal Function

2015-11-02 16:07

How to Treat Diabetic Nephropathy with 25% Renal FunctionHow to treat diabetic nephropathy with 25% renal function ? Almost all patients with diabetic nephropathy are concerned about this topic, some patients may be worried that their illness will affect their lives. In fact, there are several factors that can affect their quality of life and life situations, such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, excessive salt intake. However, if the patient can control these factors well, they may improve their kidney function effectively.

Control of hypertension

Hypertension is not a direct factor leading to diabetic nephropathy, if there is no effective control, but it will directly lead to the deterioration of diabetic nephropathy. High blood pressure increases the pressure of the blood vessel in the body, will reduce the blood supply to the kidneys, long-term high blood pressure may also damage the kidneys tiny screening program, whereby some of the waste body and retain excess fluid in the body, so the effective control of blood pressure can reduce the load on kidney.

Controlling high blood sugar

Studies have shown that timely and effective control of blood pressure can significantly reduce the risk of worsening diabetic nephropathy, to avoid deterioration of renal insufficiency. In this case, the sugar substance strictly clogged blood vessels, which leads to a lack of blood and oxygen supply, which leads to a state of renal ischemia and hypoxia, which results in renal fibrosis. After renal fibrosis, renal diseases in a very serious stage.

But no matter how, as a diabetic Nephropathy patient you should to take a systematic treatment, so that you can get your disease under good control and improve your renal function greatly. If you want to know more details about the treatments of diabetic nephropathy, you can send email to us, we will try our best to help you.

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