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What Should Diabetes Patient Do if Their Creatinine Level Up to 245

2016-02-19 16:13

What Should Diabetes Patient Do if Their Creatinine Level Up to 245What should diabetes patient do if their creatinine level up to 245? In fact, for patient who are in this situation, they should find the proper treatment and take it immediately, that may help them to get a chance to control this disease, even reverse it.

In clinic, creatinine level 245 belongs to stage 3 of Chronic Kidney Disease, it is a vital phase, for people who can get systematic treatment in this time, they may have a chance to reverse it. The earlier you can get the treatment, the better the curative effect can achieve.

If you are a Diabetic and your creatinine reading is 245, even with high blood pressure, it is necessary to take actions right now, so as to avoid big disease. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be a good choice for the treatment of this disease, it is a kind of therapy based on traditional Chinese Herb Medicine. Due to its curative effect and little side effects, it is used widely in curing kidney disease. For people with Diabetes, it can help to decrease the high blood sugar level, that is the key point to control this disease. In addition, it can repair the damaged kidney tissue and protect the residual ones from further damage, thus to improve the kidney function, even reverse it.

So for people with Diabetic Nephropathy with creatinine level 245, they need to take measures to cure the disease in the early stage, even reverse it, and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help you to control it. If you need any help in treating Diabetic Nephropathy or want to know more details about this treatment, you can send email to us, we will try our best to help you.

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