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Is Dialysis the Only Choice for Diabetic with 14% Kidney Function

2016-04-30 19:34

Is dialysis the only choice for diabetic eith 14% kidney function? For Diabetic,14% kidney function means their kidneys have been damaged severely. If left untreated, their life will be in great risk. In general, the doctor will recommend dialysis to the patient to save their life, but i want to tell you that dialysis is not the only option for this part of patient.

It is known to all that GFR and kidney function level can divide diabetic kidney disease into 5 stages. when patients’ kidney function level is less than 15% that means their disease has fall into Stage 5 Kidney Disease. 14% kidney function is fairly lower than this value, so we say the patient’s kidney condition must be quite serious. This is why doctors suggest patient with this condition to take dialysis.

Because Diabetic Nephropathy usually causes more severe complications than other kinds of chronic kidney disease, patients with this disease may be suggested to accept dialysis ealier, when their kidney function is less than 20% but other patients are usually suggested to do dialysis with 15% kidney function or less. But, this doesn’t mean dialysis is a must for diabetics with low kidney function.

If patients still have urine, it means they still have chance to rescue their kidneys. Since patient’s kidney function has been so low, we would like to recommend Stem Cell Therapy.

In recent years, stem cell therapy has been used widely in clinic and more and more kidney failure patients try to use this therapy to save their kidneys. Until now, quite a number of patients do save their kidneys successfully with this therapy.

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