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Diabetic Nephropathy with Swelling What Can We Do

2017-04-10 13:32

Diabetic Nephropathy with Swelling What Can We DoIt is necessary for diabetic nephropathy patients who are suffering from swelling to dispel edema. Then, what can we do to treat diabetic nephropathy with swelling?

What is the reason why diabetic nephropathy patients have swelling?

diabetic nephropathy is a chronic kidney disease which is caused by the high blood sugar. In this medical situation, the kidney is injured bit by bit for many years, and thus, the kidney is unable to remove the excess substances, toxins and wastes from body completely. As a result, the patients will have series of discomforts like swelling, back pain, heart failure and so on.

In fact, the swelling is caused by the redundant water which should be eliminated from body as urine. Besides, the swelling shows us diabetic nephropathy is developing worse quickly. Therefore, we need to reduce the swelling by regaining the renal function for diabetic nephropathy patients.

What treatment can help diabetic nephropathy patients renew the renal function?

Hot Compress Therapy is a better remedy to treat the patients with less side effects. During the treatment, the patients will be hot pressed on the patients’ Shenshu area every day with Chinese medicine. So that, the blood vessels will be enlarged, the blood stasis will be dissolved, the blood circulation will be promoted as the active matters enter the body and reach to the kidney. The renal function will be enhanced. When the kidney is repaired, not only the swelling will disappear, but also the patient will have a better life.

Are there other notices for diabetic nephropathy patients with swelling?

Diabetic nephropathy patients with swelling are not allowed to intake too much water. In addition, they should take a well-planed diet. Moreover, the patients would better to protect the kidney from harmful factors such as smoking, drinking, infections, etc. If you want to gain more information about the notices, please contact our Online Doctor for a free consultation.

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