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Creatinine 6.4 and Diabetic Nephropathy What Can We Do

2017-04-17 11:33

Creatinine 6.4 and Diabetic Nephropathy What Can We DoFor a diabetic nephropathy patient, if the creatinine reaches up to 6.4, the patient will be ill with swelling, anemia, hypertension and other symptoms. 

Do you know the reasons why the patients have these problems?

It is because of the damaged kidney. Generally speaking, the creatinine won’t go up unless about 50% of the kidney is injured. So that, the creatinine 6.4 means the kidney has been damaged seriously. That is to say, the kidney is unable to eliminate the toxins, metabolites and redundant things including water, blood sugar, blood fat and so on from body completely. As a result, these poisons will be reserved in the body. Then, the patients will have many sufferings with a terrible internal environment.

Therefore, what can we do to treat diabetic nephropathy with creatinine 6.4?

As we all know, diabetic nephropathy occurs as the long-standing high blood sugar injures the blood vessels containing the renal vessels. Hence, in order to treat diabetic nephropathy patients, we should make the blood sugar under the control firstly. Besides, the patient ought to have a healthy living-style. If you want to gain more information about the notices or diets for diabetic nephropathy patients, you can make a consultation with our renal specialist freely by whatsapp +8618395615012.

In consequence, what treatment is useful for diabetic nephropathy patients with creatinine 6.4?

The commonly way to reduce creatinine 6.4 for the patients is dialysis. But dialysis is not a correct therapy to diabetic nephropathy as it can diminish the renal function. Meanwhile, kidney transplant, the another popular treatment to diabetic nephropathy, acquires the patients to wait for a healthy and matching kidney which is hard to find out.

So, is there any other treatment can help the diabetic nephropathy patient whose creatinine is 6.4?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Toxin-Removing Therapy, Full Bath Therapy, Hot Compress Therapy, Edema Therapy, Immunotherapy and so on will be applied to clean up the harmful thins and to repair the ill kidney.

When the kidney is recovered, the creatinine will be decreased, and the patients will have a high quality life.

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