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Diabetes and Creatinine 373 What Should We I Do to Get Cured

2018-01-15 11:28

Diabetes and Creatinine 373 What Should We I Do to Get Cured“Good evening doctor. I am diabetic for ten years. Now, my creatinine is 373 since three years. What should I do to get cured?

Hello. Before talking about the measures to treat you, let’s analyze your illness condition firstly.

Creatinine 373umol / L usually means stage 3 kidney disease and that your kidney has been damaged too badly to completely take away the redundant water, toxins and wastes. In this case, you may have some discomforts, like swelling, blood in urine, protein in urine, high blood pressure and other problems.

Besides, kidney disease is similar to diabetes, in which the patients ought to maintain it well with good nurses and effective treatments. That is to say, the diabetes patients with creatinine 373 can not be completely cured. But, with the help of a systemic treatment, they can live a high quality life.

Adjust the high blood sugar. High blood glucose is the main reason of many illnesses including but not limited to diabetic nephropathy. So , please control the blood sugar strictly.

Manage the blood pressure. As the kidney disease usually have trouble with elevated blood pressure which in turn will lead to rapid development of kidney disease. So, we recommend the patients to make their blood pressure at about 130 / 80 mmHg.

Dietary control. That is based on the patients’ personal physical conditions. Generally speaking, the patients should have a relatively nutrients and balance diets with less salt, less protein, less sugar and less fat.

Repair diseased kidneys. In China, a series of Chinese medicine covering Immunotherapy, Foot Bath, Toxin-Removing Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and others will be provided for the patients combined or alone to bring away harmful accumulations, dispel the discomforts and improve kidney function. And thus, the creatinine 373 will be reduced and the patients can avoid dialysis and transplant.

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