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Diabetes and Kidney Disease Is It Necessary to Drop Down Blood Pressure

2018-04-07 14:44

Diabetes and Kidney Disease Is It Necessary to Drop Down Blood PressureIn the situation of kidney disease, the patients are easy to suffer high blood pressure which is hard to turn back to normal. While, some patients do not pay enough attention to it and they wonder is it necessary to drop down blood pressure in diabetes and kidney disease?

With long time high blood pressure, the vascular permeability is increased, leading to kidney damage. In this case, the blood pressure will also be elevated due to the accumulated water and wastes. What is more, the high blood pressure can quicken the process of diabetic nephropathy and worsen the renal function.

So that, the diabetic and kidney disease patients need to check up the blood pressure at regular intervals and control it well.

Hence, how to treat the high blood pressure in diabetic and kidney disease?

1. Control blood glucose. It is the root cause of diabetic nephropathy, so managing blood sugar can slow down the development of kidney disease.

2. Dietary limitation. Generally speaking, except for the common renal diet, the patients need to lesson water intakes. If necessary, salt can be stop giving in short time. You can contact Online Doctor for diet plan.

3. Medicine. The first consideration in the selection of hypertensive drugs should be ACEI and ARB, which have been shown to significantly not only reduce blood pressure, but also diminish urinary protein excretion and delay the progression of renal disease.

4. Repair diseased kidneys. In this section, you can option Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, one of the best treatment to remedy diabetic, kidney disease and renal hypertension radically. Moreover, Steaming Therapy, Cupping Therapy, Immunotherapy and other natural ways can also play a great way in improving kidney function.

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