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Eliminate The Swelling For Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

2018-06-12 08:38

To the most diabetic patients ,the blood sugar control is very important to their health, if the blood sugar can not be controlled well for a long time that will lead to the kidney damage and nephropathy. The swelling is the common symptom to all diabetic nephropathy patients , and it will disturb the normal life and work of patients seriously ,after patients have the diabetic nephropathy and appear swelling , how to deal with it for them is the critical consideration.

Why do the diabetic nephropathy patients have swellings?

Due to the damage of kidney of diabetic nephropathy patients their renal function will decrease seriously, then the metabolic products and wastes in their body can not be discharged out of body with the urine and the excess water also cannot be discharged out of body, that will lead to swellings. At the early stage of swelling commonly there will appear eyelid and face swelling ,ankle swelling on the morning, with the condition deterioration the swelling will occur on the other parts of your body, such as lung swelling, peritoneal dropsy etc. That also can threaten the patients’ life, and that must be brought to the attention by most diabetic nephropathy patients.

Then how to reduce the swelling of diabetic nephropathy patients ?

Generally in western medicine the doctors suggest you take the hormone medicine or take the diuretic to reduce the excess water in body. That will obtain the good treatment effect in clinic at the early stage , but once you stop the medicines the edema can occur again. Why does this edema happen ? Main cause is that the renal damage cannot be stopped thoroughly and renal damage has not been repaired. except the western therapy I suggest you should consider another natural treatmentMicro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy ,it take use of lots of herbal medicines that has been produced into power and it is easy to release the great effect easily. The active substance can help dilate blood vessels and desolve the thrombus ,depress the inflammatory factors releasing, degrade the extracellular matrix, promote the blood circulation to all organs of body ,then the ischemia and hypoxia of kidney can be improved and the damaged renal cells can be repaired, thus block the course of renal fibrosis and the glomerular filtration rate can also be promoted . Furthermore the active substance of herbal medicine can also degrade the internal wastes and stimulate the phagocyte to eat the wastes. Therefore the excessive inflammatory reaction in kidney will reduce and other tissues damage can also be stopped. At the same time the nutrients in herbal medicine can repair the damaged renal cells and reverse the glomerular function effectively. Then the swelling can be cured from root and delay the course of diabetic nephropathy.

Furthermore in your daily life you must keep the reasonable diet plan such as low protein, low salt, low phosphorus, limiting the water intaking is very necessary to patients ,otherwise more water can aggravate the swelling. But only diet plan is not enough to eliminate the swelling, the natural treatment is the necessary to all patients ,so if you want to know the detailed information about the Chinese herbal medicines please contact us through the following message:

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