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How To Lower Creatinine Level For the Diabetic Patient

2018-06-13 15:15

The creatinine is the metabolic product of muscle in the physiological movement, that is a kind of waste of human body and commonly is discharged out of body by kidney. But if your kidney has something wrong and can not work normally, that will lead to the large quantity wastes deposit in the body, and then your creatinine level will increase . at the early stage of disease the strong work of kidney can remove large toxins without any problem, but once more than 50% renal function has lost the more and more toxins will deposit in your body and lead to the high creatinine level. That time the timely treatment is very necessary to you to protect kidney function and lower the high creatinine level. That has disturbed the patients’ normal life seriously and they want to know the cause and the treatment method.

How does renal disease occur in diabetic? Kidney is the most important organ to clean all kinds of toxins and wastes out of body. Every kidney is composed of one million nephrons which can filter wastes and excess liquid ,their structure is concluding large quantity blood capillary . Diabetic patients often have high blood sugar level that will increase the viscosity of blood and affect the blood circulation in kidney, then the kidney has to overload to complete the work , with the time goes by the large burden will hurt the nephrons and make them necrotic and lost more filtration function ,that lead to large quantity creatinine deposit in the blood.

Then how to lower the high creatinine level effectively for the diabetic?

In fact the creatinine is only one kind of toxins in body ,that can reflect the damage extent of kidney . Only lower the creatinine level can not prevent the progress of renal disease, and I will tell you some effective methods to treat your disease for all diabetic nephropathy.

1.More meat consumption can lead to large creatinine production, especially for the thin meat, therefore the reasonable diet is to decrease the meat intaking. At the same time controlling blood pressure well is the key point to delay the progress of diabetic nephropathy. Doctors often prescribe ACEI or ARB for patients to keep the blood pressure under 130/80mmHg, that can also protect the renal function.

2.Uncontrolled blood sugar is the root reason to lead to diabetic nephropathy,and you should check your blood sugar level four times per day, then you can know well about your blood sugar and accept the reasonable treatment in time.

But the most important thing is to restore your damaged kidney function, not only control the blood sugar with some medicines. But the western medicines can not repair the damaged kidney cells and improve the kidney function, so to the diabetic patients they must find another natural treatment instead of western medicines. At present with help of the comfortable natural treatment the diabetic patients can get the effective treatment to improve their kidney function. The special natural treatment is researched by our kidney experts for many years in Beijing Tongshantang hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The special natural treatment includes as following:

Micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy: the herbal medicines are produced into powder and put in two medicine bags which can be put on the back of patients for about 40-50 minutes ,with the help of penetration machine the active substance of herbal medicine can penetrate into the lesion of kidney and dilate the blood vessels of glomeruli ,improve the ischemia and hypoxia of glomeruli ,then the damaged glomeruli can be repaired and restored. That is very effective to renal insufficiency patients.

Fumigation therapy: the herbal medicine is produced into liquid medicine and put them in the treatment equipment to heat. The medicine steam can penetrate into the acupoint through the skin, that can help promote the micro-circulation of blood in kidney ,at the same time help discharge more toxins through large quantity sweat.

Medicated foot bath therapy: Put the liquid herbal medicine in the water basin with a certain temperature, and patients put their foot in the liquid and the active substance will penetrate into the foot acupoint and help promote the blood circulation of whole body, eliminate the blood stasis and discharge more toxins from blood.

All these above natural treatments can help patients strengthen the immune system, discharge more toxins and wastes out of body and repair the damaged renal cells ,at last the renal function of patients can be recovered again, then their blood sugar can be controlled well,and they can live the normal life again. All in a word after the internal circumstance is clean the medicine effect can be released thoroughly , all kinds of symptoms are relieved and renal insufficiency can be reversed ,then the anemia can be cured thoroughly. For the more detailed information about the natural treatment please contact us through the following contacting message:

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