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What To Do with High Microalbumin and Diabetes

2014-01-25 09:06

What To Do with High Microalbumin and DiabetesWhat to do with high microalbumin and Diabetes? Albumin makes up most of the protein in our plasma and plays an important role in maintaining the plasma colloid osmotic pressure. For diabetics, high microalbumin in urine is an indicator of kidney damages, so regular urine test is very necessary for diabetes patients to have a prompt diagnosis about Diabetic Nephropathy, one of the leading complications of diabetes. Well then, what to do when there are high microalbumin in urine?

Since appearance of microalbumin in urine indicates kidney problem, we need to take some measures to protect kidneys, so as to avoid the further deterioration of illness condition. To achieve this goal, diabetics generally need to act from the following several aspects:

1. Tight control of blood sugar

In cases of Diabetic Nephropathy, kidneys are damaged due to long-term high blood sugar. Kidney is responsible for filtering blood. When blood contains too much glucose, kidneys have to work more hardly to get excess glucose out of the body. GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) is an indicator used to reflect kidney condition. It refers to the blood volume filtered by kidney within a certain time. For diabetics with high level of blood glucose, their kidneys need to filter more blood to lower blood sugar level; so with medical tests, we can find their GFR is higher than the normal range. Tight control of blood sugar helps to reduce kidney burn, which is very helpful for protecting residual kidney function.

2. Well-planed diet

A scientific diet not only contributes to the tight control of blood sugar, but also helps to lower microalbumin level in urine. In terms of Diabetic Nephropathy patients, apart from avoiding foods rich in sugar, they also need to limit protein intake, eat less salt and adjust potassium intake and phosphorus intake. What they can eat and can not eat is up to their specific illness condition, so diet for them may be different.

3. Keep blood pressure in normal range

When kidney function is affected due to long-term high blood sugar, blood pressure increases. Although high blood pressure occurs due to kidney problem, in turn it worsens kidney condition. Therefore, once high blood pressure appears, hypotensors need to be used as soon as possible, so as to make sure blood pressure is in normal range.

3. Restore of kidney function

Microalbumin is just a sign of kidney damages and decrease of kidney function, so if we want to reduce the content of microalbumin in urine, we must repair kidney damages to restore kidney function. As long as kidney is able to function as well as before, high microalbumin problem is solved fundamentally.

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