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If Creatinine Goes above 11 with Diabetes Do You Need Dialysis

2014-04-27 09:04

If creatinine goes above 11 with Diabetes, do patients need dialysis? In this text, let’s discuss this question and find the corresponding answer. Prefer to talking directly? Chat with our online doctor now for free and professional advice.

If creatinine goes above 11 with Diabetes, patients have developed into end-stage renal disease with loss of most kidney function. At this point, the kidneys fail to work adequately to sustain life. So patients have to undergo renal replacement therapy like dialysis to stay alive.

As a symptomatic therapy, dialysis can only function to remove waste products and alleviate severe symptoms. While undergoing the treatment, kidney damage will still deteriorate gradually. Ultimately, fatal complete renal failure will be the result.

While undergoing dialysis, patients with creatinine goes above 11 in Diabetes are suggested to take alternative and effective treatment to prevent further deterioration of kidney damage, repair the damaged kidneys, and improve the overall renal function. With kidneys working better and better, high creatinine can be lowered naturally. Patient’s dependency on dialysis can also be reduced over time.

Currently, the most effective treatment with the above curative effects is Blood Pollution Therapy. It is the most advanced development in treating kidney disease. As a systematic treatment, Blood Pollution Therapy combines comprehensive blood purification techniques with various traditional Chinese medicine remedies. Depending on specific illness condition, certain methods will be chosen to form the best treatment plan.

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