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How to Fix Kidney Failure Due to FSGS without Dialysis

2014-06-14 02:58

Hi, I have been diagnosed with Kidney Failure due to FSGS. Currently, I still do not start dialysis. Could you please suggest how to fix my disease? Thank you for your most kind advice.” Here is a query we got from one patient. To reply with detailed response, we provide explanation as below. If you have similar doubt, please read on or consult our online doctor for free advice.

How are you? We have got your inquiry regarding your diagnosis of Kidney Failure due to FSGS without dialysis. Please do not worry. Glad to share helpful information on managing your disease better. Hope this really helps!

With the advancement of traditional Chinese medicine, alternative natural remedy has been invented to treat your disease effectively. It is widely known as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. (Click Here to watch the video introduction) 

Osmotherapy is a characteristic treatment in shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital. Different from conventional medication therapy, this is an external application of herbal medicine. So it has no adverse effect to human body.

On the basis of an accurate diagnosis, kidney experts will give the most suitable medicine prescription. Chinese herb medicine can work to expand the blood vessels, improve the blood circulation, prevent further deterioration of renal function, repair the damaged kidneys, and improve the GFR level. In this way, the disease will not aggravate in the future.

Therefore, if you are still looking for alternative to dialysis for your Kidney Failure due to FSGS, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended for your consideration. Still have anything unclear or would like to know more details? Leave your doubt in the following message board. We will reply you promptly within 24 hours. Have a good day!

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