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If Creatinine is 8.2 without Dialysis How Bad is It

2014-08-17 02:54

If Creatinine is 8.2 without Dialysis How Bad is ItIf a patient’s creatinine is 8.2, he or she has developed into end-stage renal disease (ESRD) with loss of most kidney function. In this stage, the kidneys are unable to work adequately and renal replacement therapy like dialysis becomes necessary. However, if patient does not want to take this therapy, how bad is the result?

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When patient’s creatinine is 8.2 without dialysis, he or she will experience severe symptoms or complications and will die soon within a few days or weeks, depending on his or her residual renal function. Want to get an individualized analysis about life span? Please Email us at kidney-treatment@hotmail.com with your test reports or detailed illness information. Our kidney doctors will make a comprehensive analysis and reply you promptly.

Thanks to the continual advancement of modern medical technology, the nation’s renowned nephrologists have developed alternative to dialysis for creatinine is 8.2. The option is widely known as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. (Click Here to watch the video introduction)

Different from symptomatic dialysis therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a holistic approach with aim at treating kidney disease from the root cause by cleaning the blood and eliminating harmful substances, protecting and promoting the remaining kidney capacity, enhancing the immunity and regulating the whole immune system. Specific medicine prescription should only be given on the basis of an accurate diagnosis of patient’s unique disease condition.

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